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Lucky Lake, formerly known as "Devil's Lake", took it's name from a lake which is 5 1/2 miles North of Lucky Lake called Luck Lake. It was named by the Indians because of a mysterious light that shone over it during the night.  No one ever knew what caused this light, however the lake was full of alkalie, which could be an explanation.

   An early settler, named Jack Swanson had an experience that would forever change the name of Devil's Lake. Jack had hobbled his oxen, but the mosquitoes were so bad that the oxen became frantic; the oxen then broke their hobbles and ran away. They started heading towards the lake where Jack was able to catch them. He was so happy he was able to do so, he said "This isn't Devil's Lake, this is Lucky Lake!" So, Welcome to Lucky Lake!

  Lucky Lake has seen many changes over the years. Within the past 13 years The Double "L" Motel was built in 1996, the Tullis Co-op expanded to Lucky Lake in 2005.  West Central Road and Rail followed in 2007,  H2O Systems in 2008, & most recently Kens Lumber expanded on the North East end of town, all to serve the community.

   Lucky Lake has so much to offer! This website will help you to find out what the "must sees" in Lucky Lake and the surrounding areas are.  Whether you are here in the Summer or Winter, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy, from ice fishing to taking a ride on the beautiful Betty Lou on Lake Diefenbaker, viewing the unique Sandcastles to taking in a round of golf at one of the many freshly groomed green courses in the area. There are endless activities, be sure to check them all out!

Coming Events:




SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 2-OCTOBER 31- “Bag some savings” at the Lucky Lake Wheatland Library! Used books and magazines for sale @ $2/bag. No need to return these ones! Sale runs from Sept. 2 to Oct. 31.


SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 21- Join us as we joyfully celebrate the importance of animals in our lives. We will give thanks and praise for God's wild world through prayer, reading, singing, and individual belssings of the beloved animals in our lives. We hope that you will join us for this special inter-species service. Feathers, Fur, Scales and Skin, all are welcome! Sunday, September 21 @ 11:30 Lucky Lake United Church. Please bring all non-human guests on a leash or in a cage or crate. If you animal is to big for a leash or cage, please consider bringing a picture or have us meet them outside for a blessing after the service is over.


FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28TH-Childrens Movie Night
The Lucky Lake Kinette Club would like to invite you to a night at the movies on Friday, September 19. 2014 at the Club Room-LL Community Centre.THE LEGO MOVIE-length 100min (Intermission half way throught movie) Cost: $5 for popcorn and juice box.  Note:  All children 5 and under must be accompanied by an adul ***A one time waiver will need to be filled out for insurance purposes** Any questions, please contact Lisa at 858-2066. 



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